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BrochureBeast is a response to the rash of run-of-the-mill virtual tour companies that have sprung up in recent years. Do you have trouble telling your properties’ virtual tour apart from the place for sale next door? Are certain positive features of your property just not brought out by those cookie cutter virtual tours? Then maybe you’re ready for brochures! BrochureBeast brings to the web the beauty of costly glossy brochures that lay untouched at open house after open house. We properly frame every property—flawlessly—with a huge amount of personal touch. We realize that no one property is the same and that a properties’ website should reflect this. Virtual tours are old technology. It’s time for something new; it’s time for brochures.

The Nuts & Bolts

BrochureBeast is definitely a bold, new and innovative idea. So what makes it possible? First and foremost, we make a point to only build on top of technologies we know are constantly being improved to keep up with the fast pace of the web. This means we can spend less time worrying about bug fixes and more time developing features requested by you. That’s right—BrochureBeast listens to its customers! We have implemented commenting, live chat, and forums to be as available as possible.

Your New Personal Toolbox

Thousands of rigorously tested lines of code give you the tools you need to have the strongest internet presence possible. Through your personalized Dashboard, numerous property brochure themes are available—all of which can can be further customized through widgets, theme options, and content layouts. We go over our themes with a fine-toothed-comb to make sure they load as fast as possible and without even the slightest error.

Ease of use is a priority. That’s why you can manage all of the sites you have created from a single Dashboard! Need to let others know about a property via email? We have you covered with customizable email templates—create unique mail campaigns for any of your properties on the fly! Want to know how many visitors your brochure is receiving? Log into your Dashboard and view the statistics for any property. We guarantee that you will become more efficient, generate more leads, and look more professional by using our service!


Have questions about why the technology behind your properties’ website matters? Have feature inquires? Other questions? Feel free to comment below, use the live chat widget on our home page, or visit our forums to get your questions answered.

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