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Highland Park

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Produced and edited by Candace Kuzmarski

Highland Park, 26 miles north of the Loop, is a lovely lakeside suburb with winding tree-lined streets and a charming downtown area. Homeowners are delighted with the appreciation of Highland Park’s property values. Since 1988, the average home value has increased more than 153%. Contributing to the community’s fine quality of life is the Ravinia Festival, highlighting summer performances of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and other top musicales. There are numerous cultural and recreational opportunities in town.
Housing: Victorians, Tudors, Colonials, split-levels and ranches are prominent house styles, but virtually all popular styles are available. Prices start at $425,000 and can climb to the $7 million bracket. The 2006 average price for a single-family home was $980,172. The newest housing is the development of the former Ft. Sheridan lakefront property.
Schools: Elementary school students attend North Shore School District 112; High school students attend Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools in District 113.
Transportation: U.S. 41 becomes the Edens Expressway (I-94) in Highland Park. Drive time to the Loop is 40 minutes; O’Hare Airport is a 30-minute drive; while a drive to Midway takes 40 minutes. Rail commuters may board the train from Highland Park, Ravinia, Braeside and Old Elm/Fort Sheridan stations. Express trains reach the Loop in 33 minutes, locals in 51 minutes. Bus service is available.

Population 31,365
Avg. Home Value $950,172
Village Hall 847-432-0800